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Contribute to the Development of Effective Social Welfare Policies
The gathering of panel data related to social welfare allows systematic analysis to be conducted for the current social welfare status and needs of people including the poor, social security, state of economic activities, etc.
A statistical analysis on the economy of nation, social behavior changes, and particularly the size and trending of people living in poverty or close to it can help verify the effectiveness of current social welfare policies and define areas of improvement.
Build Statistical Infrastructure for Social Welfare
The Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA) has managed to build systematic panel data through the KoWePS, laying the groundwork for the overhaul of relevant statistical infrastructure as well as the establishment of a master data production system for social welfare.
The Korea Welfare Panel homepage ( is in operation to ensure easy user access to survey related basic data such as original data, preliminary analysis reports, survey questionnaires, etc.
Contribute to Facilitating Research and Developing Policies by Offering Basic Data for Academic
Information collected via the KoWePS will be used as fundamental data for conducting preliminary analysis, academic conference, and welfare-related in-depth analysis.
As welfare-related research will likely accelerate thanks to the KoWePS , considerable contribution is expected in the areas of academic achievement and policy development.


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